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My Life


varsity basketball                                          leticia brown                      me and my 5lb. hershey bar from Chi-town



I have been playing basketball since I was eight years old and I really love this sport.

  I am currently on the girls varsity basketball team.
We were conference champions last year.  
  This year I hope to win districts!



I have been running rack since the seventh grade.  
  Track isn't a passion of mine but I enjoy the competition.
I have ran on the girls varsity team for the past two years and I plan to run this year.  
  Events: Long Jump, 800 meter-relay, 400 meter-relay, and 200 meter run.



Favorite Foods

My Favorite Candy is Hershey's Chocolate! I have a 5lb edible Hershey bar.

My favorite type of food is Chinese.